I’m kidding, I’m switching to OpenBSD because I like security or code quality or something.

It’s totally not because the inexorable march of aging is starting to show its effects on my ability to down necessary-evil trivia like me and my friends used to down forties in the Ahhhnald after dark, and so I’d like to settle down with a software ecosystem I can study in real depth once without feeling like 20% of what I absorb in year X will be deprecated by year X+10.

It’s got nothing to do with the fact that my personal computing habits are basically (1) Anki, (2) Firefox, (3) weird little terminal sins, and so I actually have a lot less to lose than many when it comes to recreational computing habits. (“Dad, when do we get to the video game?” “This is the video game!”)

And it certainly isn’t influenced by wanting to relive that teenage joy-terror of hopping Linux distros and having no clue where you are for 3 months instead of 3 days, scavenging fun out of a computing ecosystem that’s just a little off from what you’re used to. Hey, neat, the soil here is sandy loam instead of loamy sand. Wow, cool, the filesystem is weird. Etc.

Anyway, I’d better start reading up on the Korn shell. Catch you on the flip side.